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I was diagnosed with MS in 1992. It has been a slow progression down since then. I was looking for something to help keep me going. In 2009 I saw a TV ad for Perfect Balance. I decided to give it a try and I haven't left. With MS I thought I had no choices or control. With yoga and my excellent yogni, Pam Havig, I have found I have a say in what is happening to me.

Yoga has helped me keep hold of the things I can. Yoga has helped me find the peace and inner understanding of what is happening to my mind and body. I am more centered. A therapeutic yoga class twice a week has been the direction I was looking for.

I've found a second family.

Cheryl Watson  


Yoga has brought happiness as well as health into my life. I was having problems with my thinking process because of a strong medication. I have been able to cut my medication in half and my thinking abilities continue to improve. Also my posture and confidence have improved tremendously.

Judy Stewart


I couldn't believe some people didn't like yoga. But after taking more classes I realized that there were bad teachers out there. The instructors at Perfect Balance, especially Nancy and Tony, developed a solid foundation on which to safely practice in other studios and on my own. My only regret is not beginning earlier.   

Michael Hanley


.Lisa Knowlton is a very professional yoga instructor! Yoga has changed my life. I am more flexible and more centered on many levels.

Anna Haas



I have had many instructors, but few have been so influential and encouraging as Lisa.

Don Rodrigo



Yoga has really helped my golf game because I have much better balance during the swing.

Marsha Lang



One of the characteristics that contributes to making Perfect Balance the outstanding yoga and massage studio it is, has to be the philosophy that permeates from the two owners through the instructors, massage therapists, and staff, to the clientele.  From the moment I walked through the door years ago, I was welcomed and immediately accepted.  The atmosphere of a compassionate, caring, supportive environment have been consisently evident ever since.    The classes and programs are exceptional.  I am truly blessed to have Perfect Balance a part of my life. 

Jan Spicer                                                        



 I have been receiveing massages at Perfect Balance every week for several years and life doesn't get any better than that!

I have severe arthritis and Therapeutic Yoga class keeps me moving physically and mantally. Try it, you will love it.

Virginia Brown 





As an avid runner with a middle-aged body, I have found both yoga and massage to be critical in maintaining my physical health. The yoga instruction at Perfect Balance is top-notch with knowledgeable teachers providing expert guidance during each session. In addition to yoga, I regularly schedule a deep tissue sports massage at Perfect Balance. The massages I receive from Shane are the best!  He delivers the perfect, high-caliber massage from start to finish in an environment that makes the client feel relaxed and comfortable. I always make sure to book Shane as far out as I can so that I can be sure to get in when I want!  ~~~Cheryl Hoover





 Rory Makes yoga fun! All the teachers and classes at Perfect Balance have helped me practice yoga not only on my mat but also in my daily life.
~Lisa Perry~
As Great as Perfect Balance is...We would be nothing without our wonderful students, you are a constant inspiration to all the teachers and our teachings at P.B.
~Pam Havig/Rory Rogina Co-Owners of Perfect Balance~
For more than 20 years I struggled with a thyroid problem. After many different doctors and several different therapy and medications, I decided to take control of what was happening to me. My search lead me to Perfect Balance.
After only 9 months of private sessions I no longer on thyroid medication. I was OK'd by my doctor to stop taking it. As my thyroid had balanced itself through yoga. Through the practice of yoga I've learned how to help myself and take control of my life. Thank you Rory and Perfect Balance for bringing me back into balance.

~Stephanie Smith~